Top Legal Services Toronto

Top Legal Services Toronto

We are a multi-discipline boutique firm with an emphasis on family law and civil litigation.

Civil proceedings can be brutal and psychologically traumatic ordeals.  We have decades of experience to ease you through the traumatic experience of getting a divorce or being sued. Family Law matters are extremely complex and emotional ordeals. Let us ensure a more humane process for your family members.

Our firm is known for being tenacious in court, and for superior litigation and family law knowledge and experience.  We can be a tremendous asset to anyone who needs to go to court.  You will be happy and relieved to have us on your side.  When it counts, come to us, who is experienced to handle your toughest cases. We understand people and how the law applies to them on personal level.

At Amourgis Law Office we have decades of legal experience; spanning more than three decades. We have mastered the art of litigation. We are extremely experienced in all things divorce; with a specialization in extremely contentious acrimonious divorces. We can really go the distance.

As for litigation, we are able to see your case from many angles that other Lawyers that may not be able to perceive. We can represent your side of the lawsuit to greatly increase your prospects of winning. Initially, we present the most amicable options to you and your opponent. If we need to proceed with legal prowess, then we will exert all of our resources to ensure a favorable result for you, our client.

You don’t have to see your case as winning immediately. We do that for you. We will successfully advocate on your behalf to ensure the best possible representation. Your matter at law really matters to us. Consider us your partner in the dispute. We will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the both of us.

From estate litigation, commercial litigation and all kinds of civil litigation; we work around your case to position it for success. You will notice our highly specialized legal abilities immediately. We also offer other services that our skill set compliments; such as business law and personal injury. If you are in a bind and need someone to guide you through a haze, contact the Amourgis Law Office.

Choose Amourgis for top quality legal advice in Family Law and Litigation. Amourgis Law Office is your best choice for Family Law matters. We also offer superior business guidance. Amourgis Law Office is your one stop shop for success at Law!

Visit: or call 647-501-0543 to arrange your free consultation.

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