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Julie Amourgis is our senior counsel. She is a seasoned litigator with over 30 years’ experience. Her main areas are family law and general litigation, although she can work effectively in other areas of law as well. She has set precedents in both family law and general litigation in the courts. She is an effective litigator with specialized strategy techniques to hone in on the true issues of the case at bar. She is frequently called on by other lawyers to assist them with their legal matters, because of her depth of experience and seniority.

Julie has a competitive rate for any lawyer, let alone a senior lawyer. That way, she can represent all litigants, including those with limited budgets. Her rates do not make Julie a budget-buster.

Contact Julie for all your legal needs and be sure to check our family law and litigation links for more information, including precedents.

Be sure to check back when other lawyers are added to the firm, which is happening soon!


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